How cool or enviro-friendly is your work desk?

NEW Sit to Stand Elevator Desks

If you are thinking of replacing your office or work from home (WFH) desk here’s a quick questionnaire to help you make the decision to change;

  • Is your desk height killing your posture or your back?
  • Is your desk a ‘space eater’ or unsightly in the home or office?
  • Have you noticed a toxic or chemical odour from your desktop?
  • Are you sitting for long hours without exercise?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions it’s time to check out FIL Furniture’s brand NEW high quality and affordable ‘sit to stand’ Elevator Desks.

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Here’s what FIL Furniture’s electric Elevator Desk can do for you;

You can’t get more environmentally friendly that this. FIL Furniture’s rubberwood tops are sourced from retired plantation trees. They are very solid and durable, there are no harsh chemicals or dyes. You can breathe easy when you bring our rubberwood desktops into your space.

  • Posture friendly, you have three push button height settings from sit to stand.
  • Desktops are from 900-1200 mm long with two colour frame options.
  • Our rubberwood tops are light grain and beautifully finished with a cool rustic look.
  • There are no resins or chemical compounds holding these desktops together.

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Elevator Sit / Stand Desk 1200L

Standing Desk | FIL Furniture

Elevator Sit / Stand Desk 1500L


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