The need for companies and Government departments to be seen to be taking the right avenues for disposing unwanted assets responsibly has been on the increase over the last few years, and if not compulsory now in the age we live in. FIL recognised the need for a company to assist, provide solutions and work alongside such situations most commonly found after moving to new office furniture or downsizing organisations.

FIL can assist you with the removal and management of what to do with your unwanted assets; we have cleared entire buildings of office furniture and re-use for several large corporate and Government clients over the years with great results.

As organisations restructure, their requirements for office furniture and equipment change, often resulting in a glut of excess redundant assets. FIL recognises that there is a demand for second hand office furniture and a market for the refurbishment and resale of these items. FIL has re-supplied New Zealand with quality refurbished office furniture items.



Due to the demands asked of office furniture it’s generally a quality product built to last. These products are ideal for refurbishment and the look, feel and finish of the items can be upgraded to a modern, near-new condition. We can arrange for the storage of excess office furniture items at FIL’s preferred storage facility until reuse is required. This service allows for asset items to be documented and catalogued and the images loaded onto a custom online managed website for future use. Items are safe until they are needed again.


Some furniture items and office equipment may be beyond even the capabilities of FIL’s skilled team—in these instances we still ensure the articles are recycled responsibly. This may mean that are given new life through charity donations and public auctions, or, breakdown and recycling of the components.

Cash back solutions

FIL are heavily involved in the used office furniture market throughout New Zealand and in some cases able to offer cash back, deduction on relocation costs or a percentage share on future resell if our assessor sees any re-sell value in your surplus office furniture. We have examples of how this has worked for other clients including large government agencies and corporations alike. These options have been known to provide a cost neutral or even cash surplus situation on relocations and/or existing office furniture clearances.

Project Reporting

Upon completion of your project, an environmental report outlining methods and quantities of items recycled will be generated to show responsible disposal has taken place. FIL can tailor reporting to suit your requirements or use our standard reporting methods. The New Zealand Green Star Building Council requires evidence of dealing with existing building surplus to obtain required green star ratings.

Ongoing reporting

For cash back situations where we are selling your product over a pre-determined time frame, we would report back on a quarterly basis. Tailored reporting can be produced to suit any requirements included but not limited to landfill diversion such as re-use, recycling, donations and displayed in percentages using graphs and/or weights.