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FIL Furniture are New Zealand’s market leader in the sale and leasing of quality, affordable and environmentally ethical office furniture. We are a division of Fusion Workplace Services, a nationwide logistics company providing office relocation, commercial installation, freight, distribution and storage services to and from all postcodes in New Zealand.

About Us | FIL Furniture Team

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to strive for a ‘circularity’ within our office furniture business. This is a regenerative system aimed at driving cost savings for customers, while maintaining quality and minimising the need for recycling or sending waste to landfill. It is all about making the most of the available resources.

Second Hand, Reuse & Upcycling Specialists

Our primary focus is to deliver workspace solutions by extending the life cycle of office furniture and equipment. We are ‘upcycling’ specialists. We take office furniture that is considered past it’s usefulness or surplus to requirements and turn it into something that is inexpensive, reusable, fit for purpose and great to look at.

A high percentage of our stock is ex-corporate and government office furniture with minimal need for upcycling or re-purposing. We also source new furniture when a supplier or reseller has an oversupply or surplus within their range. Every piece is thoroughly checked to ensure it is in ‘as new’ condition before we sell or lease it back up the supply chain. This process negates the need for re-manufacturing new product, (using virgin or recycled resources) while reducing landfill and waste.

Remodeling Workshop

For office furniture that looks outdated, lifeless or oversized we have a full service workshop to remodel it back to usefulness. Our team can do everything from resizing office desks to recovering chairs and spray painting filing cabinets. If you are looking to refresh your offices while retaining the existing furniture, we can provide a free consultation with our spatial planning team. If successful we then go about the process of uninstalling, upcycling and reinstalling everything back into the original workspace.

Remodeling Workshop | FIL Furniture NZ

Integrated Services

FIL’s unique point of difference is our ability to deliver bespoke and ‘turn-key’ solution’s to a client base that ranges from small businesses to major corporates and government departments.

By keeping all services in-house, we not only deliver cost savings but also the efficiency and effectiveness of only one point of contact. There are no third parties to worry about.

Our services include but are not restricted to:

  • A full workspace consultation and design service, often at no cost.
  • A full inventory of quality second hand furniture that can be viewed either on line or in our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch showrooms.
  • A managed online storage and distribution system called Storefloor.
  • A full up-cycling workshop to transform and modernise office furniture and equipment.
  • A nationwide team of trained FIL installers who are familiar with all furniture systems.
  • A nationwide team of specialised office clearance and relocation specialists.
  • A nationwide freight service that can get everything to where it needs to be.
About-Us | FIL Furniture NZ

Our People Make The Difference

Our values underpin everything we do, they shape how we interact with each other, our customers and external stakeholders.

Brand value symbol - Determined (CWW)

Determined to be the best we can for our customer, our colleagues & ourselves.

Brand value symbol - Caring (CWW)

We care about people. We care about their experience, their feelings & their environment.

Brand value symbol - There (CWW)

We’re truly ‘there‘ for our customers & colleagues when & where they need us.

Brand value symbol - Open minded (CWW)

To lead the way we have to think differently with open & inventive minds.

Brand value symbol - Sharing (CWW)

Sharing knowledge & experience is the platform for wisdom.

Our customer success goals can be summarised as follows:

  • To be there when our customers need us
  • To meet our customers unique needs
  • To communicate and behave in a manner that reflects our values
  • To amplify who our customers are

Meet Our FIL Furniture People

Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Rhiannon Sims

Sales Manager & Design Consultant


Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Steve Chadwick

Furniture Sales Consultant


Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Samantha Adriaens

Furniture Sales Consultant


Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Keith Clement

General Manager
Office Clearance Specialist


Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Kevin Hastings-Rose

Regional Manager
Northern Region


Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Roger Calkin

Regional Manager
Central Region


Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Nathan Baker

Regional Manager
South Island


Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Charlotte Tweedie

Key Account Manager


Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Nooroa Campbell

Quality Control Supervisor

Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Bryan Leslie

Business Development Manager

Meet our Team | FIL Furniture NZ

Karlene van Zyl

Marketing Services

Whatever challenge you face you can be assured that FIL Furniture have the expertise, infrastructure and experience to collaborate and help you decide on the best course of action. Contact us today and find out why we are considered the very best in the reuse and upcycling of second hand office furniture and equipment. Phone: 0800 333 131 or email: info@fil-nz.co.nz