Ethical Procurement

FIL Furniture work closely with a wide range of procurement specialists in government, local government, non government organisations (NGO’s) and environmentally ethical businesses.

We specialise in the sale and lease of high quality second hand upcycled workspace furniture.  Our sustainable work practices tick all of the boxes as businesses look more and more to meet their social, environmental and economic targets.

More and more budget conscious business customers are comparing the monetary and environmental cost of buying new office furniture with the FIL business model, and deciding that it’s time for a new approach.

One Company Solution

FIL provide a hassle free and completely integrated service from design right through to the delivery and installation of your chosen inventory.

By working through a single point of contact the busy procurement specialist can deliver significant savings, quality and productivity gains to their business. Any issues or changes to the plan can easily be communicated and resolved with one phone call.

Our service includes but are not restricted to the following;

  • The sale or lease of environmental ethical, second hand, upcycled, commercial grade office furniture. This means less manufacturing pollutants and less landfill
  • The clearance of your old workspace, with a corresponding discussion on ethical disposal, the objective being that nothing goes to waste.
  • We have spatial design expertise to help design a new workspace that works for you
  • We can provide bespoke solutions, tailored to your unique project. This can include the resizing or remodelling of either your existing or newly purchased furniture.
  • We have an extensive ‘in house’ team that project manage everything through one point of contact. We can advise, design, supply, deliver and install to and from anywhere in New Zealand.

Whatever challenge you face you can be assured that FIL Furniture have the expertise, infrastructure and experience to collaborate and assist. Contact FIL today and find out why we are considered the very best in the second hand office furniture business. Phone: 0800 333 131 or email: