Transforming Office Spaces

At FIL Furniture we help our customers to create workspaces that are space-efficient, productive, healthy, sustainable and cost-effective. We use circular economy engineering to extend the lifetime of commercial grade used, second hand furniture through upcycling and in some instances, remodelling. This could involve re-upholstery with compelling colours, a furniture facelift or resizing to maximise space efficiency.

Cost Savings of Upcycling vs Purchasing New Furniture

Many of our customers are amazed at what we can do for half the price of a new furniture purchase. This is because the componentry, manufacture, transport and sale of new furniture all involves multiple products and services, each of which has a margin applied.

FIL Furniture offer great value for money because we source second-hand furniture and then go about reusing, up-cycling and in some instances remodelling it. It is taken back up the supply chain, negating the need for new resources, recycling or waste. There are no re-sellers or middlemen. A lot of the componentry in commercial grade furniture is built to last a lifetime so up-cycling is the logical approach from both economic and environmental standpoints.

Getting Things Done

The typical process for getting underway is to contact FIL so we can meet, understand your needs and assess the potential of your workspace. If your existing furniture is still there we can discuss either the re-usability or ethical clearance options that are available.

The next step is to have our design team consult with you to understand the look and feel you envisage. We follow this by providing a draft spatial layout. Once you’re happy with the layout we will then go about costing the job at hand. All services are provided by our FIL staff so we can do everything from the concept right through to full installation. If you need an office clearance we will factor this into the costing as you may want us to take everything away or remodel and reuse some of the existing furniture.

Once you’ve given us some feedback on the costings and we have agreed on a final quotation, our work begins. You will only have to deal with one person for the entire project, so there’s no chasing furniture suppliers, installers, tradespeople or transport companies.

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Need help transforming your office space?

Whatever challenge you face you can be assured that FIL Furniture have the expertise, infrastructure and experience to assist.  We provide inexpensive, high quality furniture and  innovative designs to create attractive, socially responsible, sustainable and efficient workspaces.

For more information please contact us on Phone: 0800 333 131 or email: [email protected] . We look forward to being of service.

Client Case Studies

Paysauce Office Makeover | FIL Furniture NZ


Our Wellington FIL team completed a major project for PaySauce NZ to support their phenomenal growth. While cost was an important consideration, their commitment to being responsible for their environmental footprint was at the forefront of their relocation and workspace redesign project.


The Salvation Army

Our FIL Furniture team were delighted to sponsor a full office redesign and fit-out for The Salvation Army, New Zealand’s most respected and trusted community partner. Find out how the Sallies offices were transformed from dull and lifeless to a spectacular new environment, all with upcycled furniture.