Hiring Quality Office Furniture

FIL Furniture provide a nationwide office furniture hiring option to a wide range of businesses, including many large corporates and government departments.

We don’t just hire furniture, we provide a full consultation and floor design service to assist our clients with their planning. We can move very quickly due to the immediate availability of ‘good as new’ quality upcycled furniture products.

Why Hire Office Furniture?

Having quality office furniture and a happy, functional workspace are essential for any business. These are very important factors in promoting your image and driving your internal culture.

Here are the primary reasons why you might consider leasing or hiring office furniture rather than buying it:

  • You may be in a hurry and need to act quickly. Buying furniture has a longer lead time and requires a more complex decision making process. With hiring you can be up and running very quickly.
  • If your business has unpredictable growth patterns or is very seasonal. You may have taken on a fixed term contract or have peak periods where your existing set up doesn’t work. Hiring allows you to flex up and down very quickly with minimal fuss.
  • You may not want to buy furniture and tie up a lot of cash. Hiring enables you to fit-out your offices with minimal financial outlay and a known monthly payment.
  • For business reasons, you may prefer to enter into a short-term lease or sub-lease. In these instances furniture hiring makes it easier to vacate the premises without having the cost and complexity of an office relocation.
  • If you are image conscious and regularly change your look then it makes no sense to buy office furniture. It loses value and depreciates extremely quickly. Hiring allows you to modernise and remodel your workspace without the financial loss.

Hiring with FIL Furniture

Whether you’re a small business, a large company or a government agency, hiring office furniture is a great option. We will hire everything from individual items right up to a full office layout with the desks, partitions, chairs, meeting tables, filing systems, bookshelves and anything you need.

We arrange, manage and deliver all services under the same roof. Our consulting and planning team are there to ensure your needs are fully identified, understood and met. Once you have made your decision, our national freight and installation network will deliver and install your chosen product, anywhere in New Zealand, at short notice.

Leasing Office Furniture | FIL Furniture NZ

Interested in hiring office furniture?

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