Office & Furniture Clearance

FIL Furniture specialise in assisting businesses and government departments to clear unwanted or surplus office furniture and equipment. Our aim is for 0% of our clearances to result in landfill.

FIL Environmental Hiearchy

This diagram demonstrates the FIL hierarchy for sourcing sustainable office furniture:

  • Reuse is the most sustainable outcome as furniture is collected and put straight back into service. Product may be sold by FIL on behalf of the owner, purchased by FIL for resale or gifted to FIL depending on the quality, design and sale-ability.
  • Up-cycling has the second best environmental footprint as it may involve re-upholstery or a furniture face-lift, to make it fresh and appealing. FIL are up-cycling specialists and see this as a great option for customers.
  • Re-modelling is where the long life components of the furniture are reused and the softer components replaced. The end result is as good as new! This is very popular and also a great option for customers due to the low cost vs the new alternative. Product is generally gifted to FIL by the owners at little or no cost. FIL may bear the clearance costs.
  • Re-manufacturing is where a full rebuild is necessary. There are disposable components that may not be easily recycled e.g plastic chair components. These rebuilds are often offered to registered charities or auction houses. FIL can advise the owner and work together to redeploy the items.
  • Recycling is where FIL clear away the furniture and break down the component parts for scrap and future reprocessing into something new and useful. Furniture components are generally wood, plastic or cloth with the plastic components being the primary issue for recycling. FIL are generally paid a commercial rate to clear, break down and dispose of these items.
  • Landfill is where office furniture is dumped at refuse stations who specialise in the concentrated storage of dumped waste products. FIL’S goal is to have 0% of our collections going to waste.

How It Works

Our office clearance service is quick and easy. We provide expert advice on the value and re-usability of your unwanted items and achieve the best possible environmental outcomes. We make what seems like a major challenge as simple and transparent as possible:

Step One:

Please call or email us directly describing your furniture inventory. Please provide photographs if you are outside the main centres. We are very experienced in large scale clearances so no job is too big to consider.

Step Two:

We can consult with you either by phone or email or if necessary we can arrange a site visit. Once we understand the job at hand we will provide a quotation for the clearance or a proposal for purchasing and clearing your inventory, depending on the quality and sale-ability.

Step Three:

Once we have reached agreement, we set a time and date to clear your workspace. It is as simple as that. All work is carried out by our specialised relocations and installation team.

Want to learn more about the FIL service ?

FIL Furniture is the market leader in the clearance, reuse, up-cycling and remodelling of surplus office furniture and equipment. We aim for 0% of our collections going to landfill. Contact us to find out more about the FIL service.

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