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Enviro Desks

Are you looking to replace your work desk? 

If you are thinking of replacing your WFH (work from home) or office desk here’s a quick questionnaire to help you make the decision to change;

  • Is your unsightly old desk a relic from the dark ages?
  • Is the cost of buying a quality new desk holding you back?
  • Are you an environmental warrior who hates waste?
  • Are you sitting for long hours, with bad posture and no exercise?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions it’s time to check out FIL Furniture’s high quality, commercial grade, upcycled ‘sit to stand’ enviro desks.

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Here’s what FIL Furniture’s Electric Enviro Desks can do for you;

Our desktops are a sustainable alternative to the repeated culling & manufacture of virgin resource. By saving tops from disposal you are participating in the new ‘circular economy’. FIL Furniture has high quality 2nd hand product that required minimal remodelling. Together we are halting the production of a new item & saving the disposal of an existing one.

  • Ergonomically designed with 3 electric ‘sit to stand’ height settings
  • Modern design, tops are from 900 to 1500mm in length with multiple colour options.
  • Big savings for a commercial grade product that looks just like new

Enviro Desk 1200L

Standing Desk | FIL Furniture

Enviro Desk 1500L

Standing Desk | FIL Furniture

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