Used office furniture is the perfect solution for new and growing businesses. Small start-ups usually have a budget to match but still need to kit out their offices with high quality, great looking furniture.

Similarly, business that have expanded quickly may need to make space for new employees without having budgeted for it. Buying used office equipment and furniture can help those businesses move forward.

Cost Savings

Buying second hand furniture means you get good quality, proven-to-last furniture for a fraction of the price, helping new businesses to reduce set up costs and helping businesses grow and expand.


Buying second hand extends the life of office furniture and equipment. If you buy used office furniture you are making a sustainable choice, promoting the recirculation of great furniture and reducing the waste we send to landfills.

Top Quality

Many items of furniture that are second hand are just as good as when they were new. Businesses upgrade their office furniture for many reasons even when there’s plenty of life left in their tables, desks or seating. You can find amazing deals on attractive and modern used office furniture without giving away quality.